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Shortly after 9/11, I worked with a group of broadcast journalists to publish a book about the day. My 9/11 story has also been included in other writings. And I've also written about journalism in yet other publications.


I was the Contributing Editor on a reference guide about Singapore and also wrote the chapter on travel. For the following edition, I was the publishing editor.

Currently, I'm working on a non-fiction book as well as a book for tweens.

LIS Guidebook Cover (15th Edition).jpg


Publishing Editor for this amazing 500-page reference guide for those living in Singapore.

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Contributing Editor; author of travel chapter

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Personal interview about broadcasting on 9/11 is included.

LIS Guidebook Cover (15th Edition).jpg

Coming Soon

I'm currently writing a non-fiction book as well as a novel for tweensl.



9/11 oral history is included in this stirring text.

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Authored chapter of this book about how to get a job in TV..

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Co-edited this minute-by-minute account of 9/11 told by more than 150 broadcast journalists.

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