All my years working as a television producer has given me incredible organizational skills. I can put together a small, but magical evening for a few people or a massive event for 400, handling all the details. My degree is actually in Public Relations so not only do I know how to produce the event, but I also know how to get the event noticed. This list is just a smattering of the events I've put together.


Scouts & Guides Care

Organized eight Scouting organizations with 18,000 members to create a letter-writing campaign to thank healthcare workers during COVID-19. The President of Singapore attended the handoff ceremony and all the major newspapers and media outlets carried the story.

Singapore Scurry

Organized an Amazing Race event for 60 Girl Scouts which included seven stops and activities such a packing bags for migrant workers, learning about Singapore's Samsui women and making sushi.

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Ambassador for a Day

Organized day-long visits for thirteen girls with female ambassadors in Singapore which I then wrote up for Expat Living magazine.

Pinewood Derby

Organize a car race for 125 Cub Scouts every year which includes two workshops to make the cars. 


100 Acts of Charity

To celebrate the American Association of Singapore's centennial, I created a campaign for our members to complete 100 charitable acts, a goal we smashed.

Girl Scout Day Camp

Reimagined the structure of
Day Camp for Singapore's youngest
Girl Scouts and have overseen the camp for 200 girls twice. This event includes bussing, meals, activties and campfire.

Dragon Boating

Organized a dragon boating event for 200 girls. 

Cub Scout Campout

Organize the annual camp out for 125 Cub Scouts and their families.

Blue & Gold Banquet

Organize an annual  awards baquet for approximately

300 people

Wheel Day

Organize an annual Wheel Day for Cub Scouts

Dulwich Launch

Organized an event for 1500 attendees allowing families to meet each other before an international school first opened

First Fair

Co-chaired new international school's Christmas Fair, setting the precedent for years to come. Entire student body and their families attend this massive annual event.

Father Daughter Dance

Developed a new format for the Girl Scout Father Dance which has been used for  many years. The event for approximately 400 people  includes dance instruction, catering, crafts and more.

Halloween Carnival

Oversee an annual Halloween Carnival for 125 Cub Scouts which includes coordinating games and more.

Sports Day

Organize an annual Sports Day for 125 Cub Scouts.

Journey in a Day

Developed and taught a unit of learning for Cadette Girl Scouts on air quality.

Coat Drive

Organized a Christmas coat drive for the homeless in which we gave away 700 coats and warm meals.

Leader Training

Compile and deliver training programs in cities across Asia for leaders involved with USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Workshops last 1-2 days depending on needs.

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